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When you are satisfied with your repair, performed at a TDR certified Shop, we still give you a 60 day warranty curtosy on your repairs. So you can rest assured that you will have the best repair experience with TDR.*

*not all shops are TDR Certified. Verify with the TDR Logo at the door.
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Macintosh Repair Blog

Lion 10.7 OS refresh
20 June 2017
Using the hidden features of macbook repairs. We were able to get the mac to connect and authenticate to Apple's servers and download the software install. It took a few hours but macbook is good to go.
Late 2014 Macbook Pro Screen Replacement
20 June 2017
This Macbook Pro Screen Repair was not the assembly kind. We did not perfom at home service. We had to take it to the shop for special equipment usage.
MacBook Air A1466 OSX refresh
08 June 2017
An encrypted File system Macbook was dropped off, User did not want any of the files ont here and suspected there are many bad programs and corrupt files, The best solution was a refresh of the entire operating system. The refresh usually takes 1 day to complete, by first formating the hard drive and then installing the mac operating system.
MacBook stuck on blinking folder
28 May 2017
After examining the HDD it turns out it was on its way out with many errors per read. Luckily we were able to clone the system and bring back the operating system on a larger hard drive. We also had to go into the system settings and select the default boot up drive. MacOS Sierra installed.