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PlayStation 4 Repair Blog

PS4 Blu-Ray drive mechanical issues
12 July 2017
We received a PlayStation 4 system with a broken blu-ray. We disassembled The entire drive and found out that there were foreign objects stuck inside the drive not allowing the mechanics to work properly. After removal and retesting the drive worked though some of the gears were broken so It is fully functioning but noisy .
PS4 HDMI port replacement
20 June 2017
We replaced the common broken plastation port with a golden HDMI port. Pictured below.
PS3 YLOD - backwards compatible, CECHA01
07 May 2017
Yellow Light of Death backwards compatible PlayStation 3 came in for a repair. WE gave it an ultrasonic wash and a power reflow.
PS4 HDMI Chip Reflow
27 April 2017
We have successfuly Reflowed te HDMI processing chip on the PS4. Put the playstation back together. tested and working.
PlayStation 4 HDMI Port Repalcement
25 March 2017
At our Brooklyn location we replace many HDMI ports for the PS4, This is a specific blog for each of the replacement steps taken for a valued customer of ours. Dissassembly photos: Removal of shell: 0 Removal of bottom shell: Removal of motherboard: Shielding for rework: HDMI Replacement by our expert technician:

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